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13th Century

Dore – Dante – Purgatory XVIII



“Now focus your mind’s eye on what I say,”

he said, “and you will clearly understand

the error of the blind who lead the blind.”


“It should be clear to you by now how blind

to truth those people are who make the claims

the every love is, in itself, good love.”


Purgatory: Canto XVII

Gustave Dore


In my imagination there took shape
the impious deed committed by that being
transformed into the bird that lives to sing:

my mind became, at this point, so withdrawn
into itself that the reality
of things outside could not have entered there. 

Then poured into my soaring fantasy,
a figure crucified, whose face revealed
contempt and fury even as he died.

Purgatory Canto XIII

Covered with sackcloth vile they seemed to me, / And one sustained the other with his shoulder, / And all of them were by the bank sustained.

“But who are you, so eager to inquire

about us here — you with your eyes unsewn,

so I would guess, and breathing out your words?”











Purgatory: Canto XII

O mad Arachne! so I thee beheld / E'en then half spider.

“Be proud, then! Onward, haughty heads held high,

you sons of Eve! Yes, never bow your head

to see how evil is the road you tread!”










Purgatory: Canto III “The Mountain’s Foot”

On the left hand to me a throng / Of souls, that moved their feet in our direction, / And did not seem to move

“The more one learns,

The more one comes to hate the waste of time.”

Purgatory IX

Twilight: Purgatory

“When our mind, far straying from the flesh,

less tangled in the network of its thoughts,

becomes somehow prophetic in its dream.”

~ Canto IX; Purgatory