Ignite the flame that will help you guide your way through the darkness and return with a story to tell.

All About the Gothic

Why do we read stories which frighten our minds and make our skin crawl?
Hello and welcome to my blog for Gothic Literature. This site is all about the Gothic from architecture to literature, from history to mystery. Obgothic features the history of the genre of Gothic Literature, the authors who created that literature, their tales of the macabre, and any other related interest.

Here is where you can learn about what authors and stories are out there from The Castle of Otranto to Baltimore,: Or, The Steadfast Tin Soldier and the Vampire; from vampire tales by Arthur Conan Doyle to short stories by Ray Bradbury, Neil Gaiman and Ambrose Bierce.

I shall share with you book reviews, author bios, pictures, legends and history of the gothic evolution from the fall of Rome to the construction to the great cathedrals and castle in Europe during the middle ages.

I typically blog during the beginning of each week and take quiet reading time during the weekends.

Please feel free to share your comments with me, but please respect the ideas of others.

You can also find me on facebook, Twitter and I am hoping to be on and tumblr soon.

Happy Reading,




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