Ignite the flame that will help you guide your way through the darkness and return with a story to tell.

You Know the Feeling

I awake, alone in my bed,

Trying to shake that nightmare from my head.

That last dream felt much too real,

Creepy, its presence I can still feel.

In solitude, I am, but something is here,

I know this because of my ever-growing fear.

I hold my covers up, acting as my shield,

Yet, vulnerable I feel like prey in an open field.

Will it attack me?

Will I go crazy?

It is evil and mean,

Escaped from my dream

It bites at my mind and tears at my nerves,

Blind my mind imagines a horror with sinister curves.

It approaches! smelling my tears,

A beast feasting on my fears,

Growing strong as I grow weak;

The breaking point has come-I release my shriek.

I scare myself into another sleep,

As another nightmare steadily begins to seep,

Into my head

Alone in my bed.



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